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Fill out the form below and reserve
a free coaching call with me…

Fill out the form below and reserve a free coaching call with me…

(This is the only way to get considered for a spot in
the Limitless Entrepreneur program)

(This is the only way to get considered for a spot in the Limitless Entrepreneur program)

Because there are only 10 spots for the program, I want to make sure only the people serious about breaking through to new levels of success get in.

If you think you could be a perfect fit, fill out the simple form below and pick a date & time when you want us to do our coaching session.

This won’t be a sales call. After all, I am not a saleswoman. I am a coach and a therapist.

My goal on this call is to help you identify what’s holding you back and guide you on how to solve it.

If you want my help and we determine you are a good fit, I will let you into the program.

If not – I will still provide you with valuable insight that will help you up-level your business and life.

So you have nothing to lose : )

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I am always looking for cutting-edge information that would allow me to perform at a higher level and grow my business faster. When I first met Brigita, I was astonished at how well we connected and how we agreed on the importance of mental preparation in business. I decided to try hypnotherapy out of curiosity… I was floored.

I found out so much about myself that I either forgot or never really understood. There were negative patterns I acted out that I thought were a part of me, only to realize I created them myself and I have the power to remove them. I am a new man now. I feel lighter and I feel like I can finally push forward to my goals quickly and easily, without unnecessary baggage bogging me down. THANK YOU!
Rene T.
Marketing Consultant
First of all, one to one hypnosis session using regression in my past root causes of problems was mind-blowing! I am 54 but until now I didn't know that my past experiences and ideas actually guided me through life and it influenced my business so much, that I was stuck in procrastination and lack of self-confidence. Everything resulted also in my bank account of course.

I was sceptical about hypnosis because I tried so many things in the past, and nothing really work for me. But your Limitless Entrepreneur program was something I deeply needed. And what I most liked was the small group every week, where you put attention to each of us and our business issues for all 6 weeks. It is so well structured program that I enjoyed my progress every day. And after an intense few hours of online work, you spoiled us with amazing hypnosis which was compiled for each module.

Thank you a lot and I am so happy to move on. Also, my wife says I am a totally new person, she is very proud of ☺.
Bill O.
Financial consultant
I was in a therapy session with Brigita about a year ago, and at that time I didn’t know what to expect from it, as it was my first time being hypnotized. To me, it felt like “falling” into a movie, but you still know you’re safe in Brigita’s caring hands.

Brigita guided me through some important moments from my past that I was not consciously aware of and couldn’t really recollect prior to this experience. Turns out, these instances were turning points that greatly impacted me later in life, an impact I had been completely unaware of. Full disclosure – I cried like a baby. I instantly felt an indescribable sense of relief and pure love.

It's been more then a year after a session, and I can sincerely say that it is because of my experience with Brigita that I am now able to make life choices different than before. That impacts my business a lot, as I moved on in all the projects I was always procrastinating. But I wanted more, so I participated in one of the first Limitless Entrepreneur courses and that was another 10 steps further in my business development. Through the weekly process, I just easily defined all the pieces that held me back. Through so good structure of exercises, hypnosis, mindfulness, and other techniques I went through this program, and in the end, I have all tools and power for constant progress in my hands.
Daniel J.
personal trainer
The Limitless Entrepreneur course really made me limitless. The feelings of clarity, focus, inner satisfaction, relief, and fulfilment are worth all the riches in the world! It’s amazing how certain ideas and subconscious beliefs I made in my past life were reflected in my adult life. If you want to improve the quality of your life and get rid of everything that hinders you, I absolutely recommend this course. And what I really appreciate is, Brigita is such a warm and pleasant person, who works heartily and always takes time for each participant, that everyone really reaches the goals they want to achieve in these 6 weeks.
Molly L.
Health entrepreneur
Brigita, I'd like to thank you for this amazing experience in the 6-week program. Through all the knowledge, of how our mind works, and understanding of the subconscious and conscious processes that are constantly present in our lives, I made a huge step forward in my business and private life. And the hypnotherapy sessions you gave us through the program were really amazing.

The program is so well structured that I have massive progress from week to week.
Sarah H.
Business Owner
My dear Brigita, thank you for doing such incredible work; in my opinion, you are the absolute best at what you do – top of the TOP!

I still tear up when I think of how you invested yourself completely in supporting my healing process. You helped me sincerely and unconditionally! You prepared me for and guided me through the process of hypnosis with gentleness, grace, and complete steadiness and confidence at the same time. I could feel my body relax completely and a sense of relief came over me, as calmness flooded every cell in my body – a truly divine sensation. And my mind, well, my mind was… I guess the best way to describe it is: it felt like it had just been operated on. How could it be any different, I was unearthing and changing thought patterns I’ve been living with for the past 43 years!

Oh my god! Even now, as I write this, tears of gratitude are flowing down my cheeks. Thank you for helping me get to the source of my problems and the subconscious beliefs that have been plaguing my life.

I listen to the self-hypnosis recording you gave me every morning and every evening. Sometimes the voice of my nagging ego chimes in, saying: “Why are you listening to this stuff? It’s all a bunch of nonsense anyway, you’re not going to solve anything this way, nothing will ever change for you,” and I kindly yet firmly reply: “My dear ego, it’s my turn now.” Oh yes :-))) this is how I move forward – step by step, with immense gratitude in my heart.
Marta M.
Office manager
In life, we often act in a way we might not want to and behave as if we didn’t really know ourselves at the time. I used to carry around thought patterns that made my life difficult, and I had the feeling that I was often caught in a web of hidden inner impulses that I could not explain. Hypnotherapy with Brigita opened my eyes – or, more accurately, my internal sight.

Before embarking on this journey, I tried to resolve many of my unwanted personality traits or personal distress on a conscious level, but it was only through hypnosis that I was able to discover what was really hidden in the depths of my mind. Working with Brigita has been a truly unique experience. My initial feelings of confusion and surprise upon discovering hidden parts of myself were quickly replaced by an extremely pleasant feeling of relief and inner peace.

I feel like this is me now, the real ME. Brigita, thank you! Because of you, I look forward to all the good things that life has to offer.
Iris V.
Financial consultant

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